Effective EYSEND Practice

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB), Council for Disabled Children (CDC) and nasen are carrying out qualitative research into effective practice in early years and SEN and disability. The work has been commissioned by the DfE and runs from December 2019 to March 2020. The research will be informed by a wide range of information brought together through our partner organisations and networks. Key outputs from the work will be materials to support local areas and providers in developing effective early years SEND practice and a report back to the DfE.

We are looking to gather examples of good practice from across the country - our effective practice evidence form can be found here or you can fill out this online survey.

For more detailed information see below and send all forms to eysend@ncb.org.uk.

The overall aims of the research are to:

  • improve SEND practice by identifying and sharing effective practice; and
  • inform future DfE policy by highlighting thematic areas where there are gaps in effective practice. 

Effective practice is defined as practice that:

  • leads to improved outcomes for children with SEN and disabilities at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, or;
  • contributes to other indicators linked to improved outcomes.

Our approach:

The first step is to contact as many people as possible and ask them to identify local areas that demonstrate different aspects of effective practice. At this stage we are asking for a very small amount of information, though we do need some indication of the evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of the practice. There is a form that can be used for nominations. Alternatively you can use this online survey to capture your examples.We are asking for these initial nominations to be back with us by January 15th 2020. Please send them to eysend@ncb.org.uk.

In mid-January 2020 a working group will review the nominated examples and a selection will be put forward to the NCB research team for more detailed follow-up. The research team will gather more detailed information through a survey of local areas and providers, as well as a small handful of face-to-face interviews. These will explore what enabled local areas to develop effective practices and what challenges they encountered.

On the basis of the qualitative analysis we will be developing materials to support local areas in developing effective practice and we will be reporting back to DfE based on the findings from the research.
For more information please contact eysend@ncb.org.uk