Advice and support for new SENCOs

Written by Network AutismDate 17 Oct 2017

If you’re new to the profession, the role of the SENCO might initially seem complex and unsupported. It’s important to know that you’re never alone! 

Over a typical week, I will receive about twenty e-mails and tweets from fellow SENCOs across the country and about ten or so from parents and carers.
I always try to spend some time each week answering each question in turn. This can be a real challenge, especially when I am travelling to events and school-to-school support work myself, in addition to doing my SENCO ‘day job’!
This week I received a lovely email from a new SENCO colleague who had typed into Google ‘I’m a new SENCO and need some help’, only for my name to pop up! I have never courted praise or chased followers, but always tried to set myself up as someone who can make a difference by sharing resources, helping colleagues and offering advice.
As I’m often answering similar questions from new SENCO colleagues, I thought it would be useful to collate my thoughts for the support of new SENCOs.

Gareth Morewood is Director of Curriculum Support (SENCo), Specialist Leader of Education at Priestnall School, Stockport and Honorary Research Fellow in Education at the University of Manchester. In this article (originally published on his blog) Gareth gives advice and a wealth of useful resources for new SENCOs starting this year.