The Children and Families Act and the Care Act Factsheet

This Preparing for Adulthood factsheet identifies the key elements in both Acts that relate to preparing for adulthood.

This factsheet looks at the two pieces of legislation that will have the greatest influence on support for disabled young people preparing for adulthood; Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014, which focuses on Special Educational Needs and Disability and is due to be implemented in September 2014; and Part 1 of the Care Act, which focuses on the care and support of adults with care and support needs and is due to be implemented in April 2015.

Written with local authorities in mind this fact sheet identifies where processes overlap and is designed to help LA to consider how they can be effectively joined up.

It goes on to explore how the legislation can be used to create positive outcomes for disabled young people, with consideration to challenges and barriers, and suggests practical ways of implementing the reforms in both Acts through good practice examples.