Children and young people's guide to SEND reforms

Written by Council for Disabled ChildrenDate 18 Oct 2013

These guides have been written for children and young people to help explain how the new SEND reforms will affect them.

Produced by CDC in consultation with children and young people the fact sheet gives an overview of the key reform themes and covers the following:

  • What is happening to special educational needs support.

  • Involving young people to plan services in local areas.

  • Involving young people when planning their support.

  • The move to Education, Health and Care plans and SEN support.

  • Helping young people to make decisions.

  • Young people’s right to appeal a decision they feel is unfair.

  • Where to find information, advice and support.

There are two guides available. One for children and young people age 15 and under and one for young people aged 16 and over.

The information provided is designed to help children and young people who may want to respond to the government's consultation on the Code of Practice.