Children's Commissioner report on childhood neurodisability

Written by University of Exeter for The Children's CommissionerDate 19 Oct 2012

Content _Nobody -made -the -connection -prevalence -of -neurodisability -in -young -people -who -offendChildhood neurodisability occurs when there is a compromise of the central or peripheral nervous system due to genetic, pre-birth or birth trauma, and/or injury or illness in childhood. This incorporates a wide range of specific neurodevelopmental disorders or conditions

This report presents a review of published evidence in relation to the following research questions:

  • What is the prevalence of various neurodevelopmental disorders amongst young people within the youth justice system secure estate?
  • What are the key issues for policy and practice associated with these levels of prevalence?

The report has several key audiences, from national government departments and bodies, to local strategic partnerships and agency leads, to practitioners working with young people with potential neurodevelopmental difficulties.