Children's guide to going to appointments or into hospital

These are some examples of leaflets designed to help disabled children, young people and their families to take more control and increase their participation when attending hospital or health appointments.

Examples of these types of leaflets are as follows:

  • The Department of Health has a leaflet which is used by a number of trusts. This leaflet details the type of questions to ask when going to a hospital appointment.
  • Walsall transitions team have designed their own leaflet - to be used by young people when attending appointments.
  • Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust have a grab sheet, which families take with them when their child is admitted to hospital and covers similar areas to those covered by hospital passports.
  • The hospital trusts in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Telford have designed a leaflet reminding people what they need to take with them or find out about when they are going into hospital.
  • HFT, a charity which supports people with learning disabilities, has designed a very comprehensive guide for both hospital staff, paid carers and families about admission to hospital.