Deaf Babies and Children Development Journal - Early Support

Written by Early SupportDate 15 Mar 2013

The Early Support Monitoring protocol for deaf babies and children was devised to help families of deaf children (and the professionals that support them) document the progress that children make in the first three years or so after deafness has been identified. At the heart of the Monitoring Protocol is a set of charts that families use to record what their child is able to do as time passes and as they learn new things.

This booklet explains what the materials are for and how to use them. It is aimed at parents or carers of deaf babies and children and the professionals who may come into contact with them or their families. This journal is made up of 4 parts. To aid navigation, below are the PDF page numbers that correspond to each section.

Page 1       How to use this journal: Patterns of development for babies and young children.

Page 30     Monitoring protocol summative record: Summary sheets on everyone's observations.

Page 135   Glossary: Terms used when people talk about young children's development.

Page 141   Development cards: Cards offer suggestions on how to support child's development.

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