Development Journal for Children with Multiple Needs

Written by Early SupportDate 15 Mar 2013

The Developmental Journal for Children and Young People with Multiple Needs has been produced to help families and practitioners support the achievements of children whose development is affected by multiple factors that result in challenges to learning.

It is based on the concept of a series of 'Can Do' cards which help parents and practitioners to observe, record and celebrate children's and young people's abilities, and to develop and strengthen these abilities. The Journal supports key working by helping everyone involved with a child to share what they know and discuss how best to work together to support development and learning.

The multiple needs development journal is made up of 6 parts. To aid navigation, below are the PDF page numbers that correspond to each section:

Page 1       How to Use the Developmental Journal

Page 57     Developmental Journal

Page 69     Social & Emotional: Can Do Cards for Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Page 108   Communication: Can Do Cards for Communication.

Page 145   Physical: Can Do Cards for Physical Development.

Page 190   Thinking: This section contains the Can Do Cards for Thinking.

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