Early Years SEN and disability - Workshop Materials

Workshop materials to support local authorities in identifying priorities to improve access and inclusion for young children with SEN and disabilities.

Some principles that underpin the design of the workshop:

  • It encourages the identification of barriers to access and inclusion for young children with SEN and disabilities, and the collaborative and creative search for solutions;
  • It encourages the recognition and celebration of good, evidence-based practice both locally and regionally;
  • It relies on supportive peer engagement to review what is working well and what is not working well locally;
  • It relies on supported self-review leading to priorities for action.   


The materials outline a core workshop, planned for about three hours. A sample agenda is attached at the bottom of the page. There is a range of additional elements that can be added to the workshop to take account of local priorities, see Additional elements of the workshop outline, the addition of these will extend the workshop.


The core workshop consists of four main parts:

  1. Understanding the barriers
  2. Featuring good practice
  3. Identifying priorities
  4. Next steps

Additional elements can be added to the core workshop to provide further information for delegates or to meet other local priorities.

Materials are provided to support each part of the workshop. Featuring good practice, the second part of the workshop, in particular, requires some preparation beforehand and draws on local knowledge of what is working well.

Please note: all the elements of the workshop are based on information available as at March 31st 2017. New guidance is anticipated in Spring 2017 and this is not included in the materials. Those using the workshop should check for the latest information and guidance.