Exclusion Resources

Written by Ambitious About AutismDate 26 Sep 2017

In July, the government released new exclusions guidance. Unfortunately the amended guidance doesn’t prevent organisations from systematically acting outside of the law.

Hundreds of people contributed to Ambitious about Autism’s response to the government’s consultation on the exclusions guidance this spring. As a result, we were able to provide compelling evidence about the number of children missing out on school due to being unlawfully excluded.

Our response to the consultation said incidents of unlawful exclusion of children from school should be recorded and illegal practices sanctioned.

The resources in this pack are intended to be used to support people responsible for children’s education to understand their responsibilities and the scale of this issue in order to ensure that fewer children are unlawfully deprived of their right to a full education.

Download 'Your guide to getting justice for all unlawfully excluded children' here: Illegal exclusions guide