The Expert Parent Training Course

Central to the Expert Training Programme is the Expert Parent Training Course, a 4-hour training session delivered by experienced parent trainers that will develop parents’ knowledge and confidence when dealing with the health system. 

The workshop is delivered by parent carers who can share this expertise and insight to parents who need support to get the best out of the health system for their children.  

Parent Trainers

The parent trainers below have been involved with the programme from the beginning and between them deliver training on a national level. Contact them directly if you would like to commission a workshop in your area/organisation.

Anna Gill,

Anna combines a background of being the parent carer of a young man with a life-limiting metabolic condition with the professional experience of nursing babies, children and adults. This has informed her longstanding role as a parent rep and Trainer in the world of children with Disabilities, Long Term Conditions and Palliative Care. She has been delighted with the response to the pilot workshops and has really taken this programme to heart being involved in co-writing materials and rolling out the programme as far and wide as possible. Anna is interested in training in the East Midlands, East Anglia and London

Katie Clarke,

Katie is a parent of 6 wonderful children, including a disabled daughter. She is also a fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and has trained many parents over the last 13 years across the country on a wide range of topics relating to children, families and professionals, including Parent trainer for the Early Support Parent Workshops and Training programmes for services, managers, and frontline staff. Katie covers the North of England and the Midlands.

Liz Dowen,

Liz is the parent carer of a daughter who has a complex medical condition. For eighteen years as a Careers and Connexions Personal Adviser Liz worked directly supporting young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. As a self-employed consultant and trainer, Liz has been involved in the development and delivery of the Expert Parent Programme. Liz covers London and the South West

Rachel Gillet,

Rachel is a parent of 2 teenage children with a background in education, advice and working with young families and, for the last 10 years, have worked as a trainer, developing and delivering high quality participative training. She currently delivers training for foster carers and adoptive parents, many of whom care for disabled children. I am also a lead trainer for Early Support, delivering training to both parents and practitioners and a full member of the Institute for Learning. She is available to deliver workshops in the following regions: Yorkshire and the Humber, North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands and London.

Cathy Hamer,

Cathy Hamer has a wealth of personal and professional experience of health services.  As a mum of two she knows the ins and outs of getting the best for her children and is always keen to share her knowledge and experience with other parents. Having worked with families with disabled children and young people for many years, Cathy has an excellent understanding of the challenges that parent carers can face in accessing health services. Cathy is based in the North West but regularly travels round the country to give support and deliver training. Easiest areas for her to access are North West, Yorkshire & Humber, London, West Midlands and North East.

Pel Ahmet,

Pel is a mother to 3 children and has been inspired by her daughter to advocate for disabled children and their families at both the local and national level. Pel understands the complex systems that families can find difficulty in navigating around in order to find the right support for their child and has used this experience to inform the development of the Expert Parent Programme. Pel covers London and the South East.

Adele Meader,

Adele is happy to deliver in Cornwall and Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge.  Adele is Mum to a 22 year old son with complex learning difficulties, professionally she works with parent participation and is a huge fan of parent support groups and linking families together.

Expert Parent Trainers

These trainers below are approved CDC Expert Parent Trainers who have been trained to ensure the sustainability of the project regionally, they have all attended the workshop as participants and can now deliver the workshop regionally. Contact them directly to discuss how you/your organisation can work with them to deliver the workshop.

  • Family Voice
    Louise Ravenscroft leads a small team of approved trainers delivering workshops across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire
  • Maxine
    Maxine is available to deliver training anywhere in the Eastern region of England
  • Lisa
    Lisa is happy to deliver training in and around the Peterborough area
  • Gina
    Gina is available to deliver training in the areas of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and south Lincolnshire
  • Kulwinder 
    Kulwinder is Located in and around Luton and happy to carry out training in this area
  • Beverley
    Beverley is happy to deliver the training to those who wish to receive it in South East England
  • Lisa
    Lisa can host training in a number of areas including Hertfordshire, Devon and South Yorkshire where she is based
  • South Glos Parents and Carers
    Contact us through our website at or by calling 01454 501 009
  • Emily 
    Emily is hoping to deliver the training to parents throughout Derbyshire in the coming months.
  • Kay
    Kay works with the Parent Carer Council in Cornwall and would be keen to deliver training the surrounding areas
  • Elizabeth 
  • Tory
    Training can be delivered in Dorset as well as into Hampshire, Somerset and Devon
  • Tor
  • Rachel Froggatt and Grainne Saunders, 
    Rachel Froggatt and Gráinne Saunders lead delivery of workshops across West Sussex.  We could deliver further afield in neighbouring Portsmouth, Hampshire, Surrey and Brighton & Hove. 
  • Beverley
    Beverley is a parent with two children, one of whom has complex needs including ADHD and Autism. She currently delivers both accredited and non-accredited ADHD courses as well as 123 Magic parent and teacher training. Beverley also facilitates the ADHD Sheppey Support Group which meets on a weekly basis on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Beverley is able to deliver within a 50 mile radius of the Isle of Sheppey.
  • Tracey Tracey lives in Central Bedfordshire and is happy to deliver in surrounding areas.  Mum of 5 children, one who has ASD and another awaiting diagnosis.