A Family Survival Guide – Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs)

Written by Bringing Us TogetherDate 01 Sep 2017

Bringing Us Together have produced Family Survival Guides, written for parents by parents, to help families to find the right information about Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs).

Often, there is a lot of information out there but we either can’t find it or we find it too late. Sometimes when we find it, it is written by someone who is a practitioner and although they have a lot of knowledge, it is difficult for them to truly understand what it feels like to be a family member going through this experience, or they use terminology that we haven’t heard yet.

Finding the right information about Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs) is something many families have told us they struggled with.  As part of our Stronger Together work, we have worked with families who have tonnes of personal experience of CTRs and we are so grateful that a team of them have spent hours for us putting this Guide together. You can download the Guides below.