Health Action Plans

Health Action Plans (HAP) are documents that state what is needed for a person to remain healthy, including the support which a person may require.

They cover more than a hospital passport and documents ongoing appointments, concerns and treatments. Below you will find a list of example plans that health providers currently use with children and adults:

  • An adult plan developed by Mencap and Bedfordshire Health
  • A plan for children by Salford Community Health 
  • A plan for children developed by NHS Ealing together with Treat Me Right.

Resources that play a similar role to HAPs have been developed in children's services:

  • NHS Croydon have developed a robust Filofax style A5 folder called 'My Health Book' for young people from 14 years.
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust have developed a plan for use with children on long-term ventilation