Hot Topics #3 – Trust

The reciprocal trust between adults and children and young people is an important aspect of developing responsive, inclusive communities, as well as promoting young people’s independence, self-esteem, and resilience. As children grow up, they should be trusted to take increasing levels of responsibility in decision-making, in line with their evolving capacities.

The other side of this is that children and young people should be able to trust adults to respect and respond to their ideas and opinions, and to keep young people’s needs and interests at the forefront of their decision-making processes. Developing trust was one of the key issues highlighted by the FLARE group when we ranked academic priorities and tools for progress.


We want to know how important developing trust within an academic setting is to the children and young people you support. When you are thinking about this issue with your children and young people’s group, please think about it at all levels of decision-making:

  • Individual - decisions that relate directly to children and young people’s own lives
  • Operational – decisions regarding what happens in the day-to-day running of a service or organisation
  • Strategic – decisions influencing policy and practice at a local, regional or national level

Building trust is a good thing because it promotes honesty and honesty is important because you’ll get further in life’ FLARE member

The questions which can be downloaded below are just a starting point to discussions, please adapt the questions and use participation methods that best suit the young people you work with. We have also developed an adaptable session plan that could be used when engaging with your group on this issue.

We are also interested in finding out children and young people thoughts on Hot Topic #4:A Curriculum to Prepare Us for Life, so please follow this link to the questions and session plans for this topic.

We would love to have feedback of your discussions by Friday 23rd February 2018. Please send your feedback to Joanna Carr at You can submit feedback via written comments, audio recordings, video (please make sure you have appropriate permissions) or any other way that works for you and your group of young people!