Hot Topics #4 - A Curriculum to Prepare Us for Life

Developing academic skills and knowledge is only one part of a child or young person’s time in school. A good quality education should also support them to develop their life skills, confidence and independence, helping them to become well-equipped and resilient young adults.

We would like to hear from children and young people with SEND about their experiences of their education, focusing on how well it enables them to achieve their own goals and live rich, fulfilling lives, outside of their academic progress.

“School provides us with a lot of information about opportunities, so we can make a more informed decision on what we would like to do” FLARE member


The questions which can be downloaded below are just a starting point to discussions, please adapt the questions and use participation methods that best suit the young people you work with. We have also developed an adaptable session plan that could be used when engaging with your group on this issue.

We would also like to hear from children and young people regarding Hot Topic #3: Trust. Please follow this link to questions and session plans for this topic.

We would love to have feedback of your discussions by Friday 23rd February 2018. Please send your feedback to Joanna Carr at You can submit feedback via written comments, audio recordings, video (please make sure you have appropriate permissions) or any other way that works for you and your group of young people!