IASSN - Phase one Data Report 18-19

This National Information Advice and Support Service's (IAS) Data Report contributes to an overview of the range and nature of IAS services nationally. This particular report is phase one of two focusing on funding arrangements and staffing levels in IAS services. Phase two will focus on service user feedback and training and will be available in full in June  

The report is published in order to support the work of IAS services and help all to see and understand the national picture. This provides valuable information when working with funders or when exploring development, focus, outcomes and outputs of the service. 

Data will also play a key role in exploring service’s challenges and successes with regards to the Minimum Standards expected of IAS services and therein, discussion with funders and learning for all.

Of the one hundred and fifty services we requested data from we received full and measurable data from one hundred and thirty five. This information has been mainly taken from the data gathered by the IASP. In addition all services were given the opportunity to add or amend their data via email and over the forum.  Additional S.251 data is submitted by LAs to the DfE and covers spend on IASS and SEND Mediation.

For more information or for any queries on the report please contact the IASSN team.