Knowledge is Power Toolkit

International Day of Disabled People (IDDP) 2017 sees the launch of a new training resource to build the resilience and self-confidence of Disabled young people. The Knowledge is Power toolkit has been created by the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) and Common Room and co-designed with Disabled young people, to support Disabled Person Led Organisations (DPOs) to better connect with Disabled young people and to build their resilience to participate in decision making.

The theme for IDDP 2017 is about ‘building a sustainable and resilient society for all’ so it is a good time for such a resource.

Despite policy guidance, Disabled young people are still not getting the chance to make decisions about their lives, and DPOs are struggling to do this work with them. The toolkit is designed to help DPOs engage with Disabled young people around this issue so that they can become empowered Disabled adults. The toolkit includes sections on Disability and Identity, decision making, and working together as partners for change. It is also designed to have DPOs deliver it alongside a Disabled young person that has a good understanding of Disability issues.

In light of this year’s IDDP 2017 theme, this is a fantastic resource to support the resilience of Disabled young people, and to support them to have Disability pride. The toolkit is also an opportunity to assist DPOs to build their own sustainability and to ensure they can stay relevant in the future. Currently, there is no rights and empowerment training programme that has been designed to be delivered by Disabled adults and Disabled young people so we hope you will welcome this exciting new training opportunity! It is a chance to step into the future and educate Disabled young people about the power they have and their rights!