Leading My Life My Way

Written by ScopeDate 17 Nov 2016

Scope’s new research paper Leading My Life My Way looks at young disabled people’s experiences of using support services to live independent lives. Findings show that young disabled people are experiencing poor quality care and support planning, a lack of information and advice tailored to their specific needs and expectations.

It focuses on disabled people aged between 17 and 30 who are about to or are at the point of transition from children’s to adult social services, as well as those who have experienced using services for a number of years after transition. The research presented in this report provides an evidence base that will be of use to social care policy makers. It identifies what works well specifically for young disabled people in accessing services to live independent lives and what areas need development. This will help policy makers to ensure support services provide holistic, joined up support for young disabled people. In doing so, Scope hope young disabled people’s experiences of using support services will be more consistently positive and tailored to their specific requirements.