Legal guide to free childcare

Written by EDCM with Irwin Mitchell, CAF and the Family and Childcare TrustDate 07 Jul 2015

In 2014 Every Disabled Child Matters, Irwin Mitchell, CAF and the Family and Childcare Trust launched a campaign called Levelling the Playing Field.

The campaign called for equal access to childcare for disabled children adn those with Special Educational Needs. The campaign focused on ensuring that:

  • Disabled children can access free early education and childcare in the same way as other children
  • Families with disabled children are supported financially to help them access high quality suitable childcare in the same way as other families
  • Families with disabled children can access information and resources through the Local Offer to make choices about the childcare in their area that meets their individual needs.

As part of the campaign they produced a legal resource to help parents challenge decisions that prevent their child getting their full entitlement to early education and childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.