No Young Person with Cancer Left Out

Written by CLIC SargentDate 27 Nov 2013

No YPwithcancer _clic _contentThis is the third in a series of reports and follows No child with cancer left out (2012) and No teenager with cancer left out (2013). The report also builds on previous research – More than my illness (2010) and Counting the Costs of Cancer (2011).

For this report Clic Sargent spoke to 205 young people aged 16 to 24 about how cancer had affected them, using a survey, focus groups and face-to-face interviews.


The report found a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have a significant impact on young people’s confidence, which can be a barrier to education, employment and training.

  • Two thirds (67%) said they were worried about the impact cancer would have on their education while 74% were concerned about the impact it would have on future employment
  • More than half (54%) of the young people said they were not fully confident about preparing for job interviews while 61% were concerned about how they should disclose the fact they had cancer on an application form
  • 30% of young people in employment did not know what adjustments they were entitled to at work while 24% disagreed their employer had made necessary adjustments for them.

For some young people, however, having cancer and going through treatment gave them a new perspective and new focus to achieve their ambitions.