Parent carer shaping health services

Written by Contact a FamilyDate 24 Apr 2013

This report by Contact a Family summarises the success of their project in supporting parent carer forums to become more involved in influencing how health services are delivered. It also reports on parent carer forums’ involvement with clinical commissioning groups, Healthwatch and health and wellbeing boards.

Surveys were sent out to parent carer forums in July 2011, October 2012 and Jan 2014 asking forums about their involvement with health and who they were working with.

105 parent carer forums out of a potential 151 responded to the final survey, compared to 73 in the previous survey. Forums responding were spread across all nine English regions.

The results show that more forums across England are working with health to improve the way services are delivered to disabled children than at the start of the project. Many forums are working in more than one health setting.