Perspectives on bullying and difference

Written by Colleen McLaughlin, Richard Byers and Caroline OliverDate 03 Apr 2012

The way in which schools respond to 'difference' and bullying of children and young people with disabilities or special educational needs can significantly shape children's experiences. This book offers schools ideas for dealing with bullying and aims to set the agenda for the future.

Perspectives on Bullying and Difference gives voice to parents, carers and young people and offers a snapshot of how schools, teachers, local authorities and other professionals try to deal with the problem of SEN and disability bullying. It looks at several schools that are developing their own initiatives and includes:

  • a consideration of the benefits and implications of a wide variety of anti-bullying practices
  • a number of in-depth case studies, highlighting where practices have been used to good effect
  • a discussion of teachers' evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions
  • school policy and practice recommendations
  • the first steps towards a research programme to evaluate effectiveness and demonstrate how well approaches work.

Based on the findings of a project undertaken by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education this book integrates stories from parents, carers, young people and practitioners with research findings. Bringing these multiple perspectives together for the first time is compelling. Perspectives on Bullying and Difference shows there is a great deal that can be done in schools right now to reduce the levels of bullying - solutions are closer than we may think. It is a must read for everyone involved in education.

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