Preventing and Tackling Bullying

Written by Department for EducationDate 01 Oct 2014

There are a number of statutory obligations on schools with regard to behaviour which establish clear responsibilities to respond to bullying.

Every school must have measures to encourage good behaviour and prevent all forms of bullying amongst pupils. This document outlines the Government's approach to bullying, legal obligations and the powers schools have to tackle bullying. It also sets out the principles which underpin the most effective anti-bullying strategies in schools. Further resources are listed through which school staff can access specialist information on the specific issues that they face.

Some of this advice is primarily aimed at school staff, headteachers and governors in schools, 6th forms and colleges including Academies, Free schools, Pupil Referral Units and alternative providers. It also applies to independent schools, but their statutory obligations are different as noted in relevant sections.


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