SEND Reflection Framework

Written by Whole School SEND, London Leadership Strategy and National Education TrustDate 22 Nov 2017

Department for Education data projects that 13,000 additional children and young people requiring some form of specialist education or alternative provision will enter the system in the next nine years.

This data highlights the need for schools to ensure that teachers are equipped to support these pupils, whether in mainstream or special provision. It is therefore essential that all schools review their provision and put in place effective CPD to ensure that teachers feel confident supporting pupils with SEND.

All teachers are teachers of SEND, but one in seven (15 per cent) respondents to the May 2017 teacher voice survey said they disagreed/strongly disagreed with the statement “I feel able to meet the needs of pupils on SEN support". 

To help support the development of the necessary competence and confidence, Whole School SEND are launching the SEND Reflection Framework, part-funded by the Department for Education.

The SEND Reflection Framework will help build teachers confidence by providing a structure within which teachers can support each other to critically evaluate cultures and practices, in order to ultimately improve the quality of their provision for learners with SEND.