Supported Internships Advice

Written by Department for EducationDate 07 Jan 2015

Advice from the Department for Education on supported internships. 

The advice explains what supported internships are and why they have been introduced. It also provides practical advice on developing, implementing and delivering supported internships, including information on funding, programme design, staffing, and the various partnerships on which supported internships are founded.

This advice is primarily for the use of learning providers including:

  • Further education colleges;
  • Sixth form colleges; 
  • Sixth forms in academies, free schools and maintained schools, including special schools; 
  • Independent specialist providers; and 
  • Any other providers of study programmes interested in delivering supported internships.

It will also be of interest to local authorities as they determine their Local Offer, as required by the Children and Families Act, and to other bodies, such as supported employment agencies, who may be working with a learning provider as a key partner in their supported internship provision.