Training and development

Note: The Independent Support programme will finish on 31st July 2018. If you have any questions about training after 31 July then please write to

Our training includes dedicated accredited training for staff recruited as Independent Supporters as well as useful materials and templates to help them in their important role. 

4 day core training for new recruits

This is a closed course and aimed only at those who wish to become an Independent Supporter and referred by a local service provider or by the Information Advice and Support Service. All trainees are required to attend, complete and pass the core 4 day training programme before they start working with families and young people.

Within the 4 days, 2 days is completed online and 2 days requires the trainee to attend a workshop lead by a Council for Disabled Children accredited trainer. Within the 4 days, 1 day online and 1 day face to face will focus on the duties and statutory requirements that an Independent Supporter will need to know in their role supporting families and young people.  A further 1 day online and 1 day face to face training will focus on the role of an Independent Supporter and help trainees to understand the scope of the role and where they may go for additional advice and support.

This training is accredited through the CPD certification scheme, each training day will be worth up to 6 CPD hours. Therefore by completing the online training (1 day) and the face to face (2 days) you will be eligible for 18 CPD hours.

For further information on how to access on-line training please email

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1 day refresher training for trained Independent Supporters

This is a closed course and aimed only at Independent Supporters who have already completed the 4 day core training programme and worked as an Independent Supporter. The training will include an update on legislative changes made since the core 4 day training was first launched and provides an opportunity for group discussions on the key barriers and challenges for Independent Supporters and to explore solutions.

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In-house training sessions

We are able to offer local service providers and Information, Advice and Support Services a limited number of in-house training sessions for groups larger than 8 people. If this is of interest please email for further information.


We have also developed a set of useful resources and templates that may help in your delivery which you can access here

FAQs for Independent Supporter training can be found here.

FAQs for online training can be found here.

The online Quality Assurance survey for recipients of Independent Support can be found here.

A PDF version of the Quality Assurance survey can be found here.

You can download an Easy Read version of the Quality Assurance survey here