Governance arrangements

The Council for Disabled Children has overarching responsibility for the delivery of the IAS programme on behalf of the Department for Education. 

To ensure and promote good governance arrangements, the Department for Education have established an Advisory Board to challenge and scrutinise the delivery intent of the programme. 

The purpose of the Advisory Board 

The principal purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide independent oversight, challenge, support and:

  • advice on the delivery and direction of the overall programme
  • advise on suitable exit arrangements when it is known funding is due to end

The remit of the Advisory Board       

  • Agree on overall programme design and intent 
  • Offer advice and information to support the delivery of the overall programme
  • Promote the programme and its outcomes through sector wide communications activities 
  • Review and comment on learning outcomes or challenges during the programme life
  • Identify new priorities for the programme through effective group discussions
  • Identify potential risks to the programme and seek mitigation action
  • Maintain a broad overview of financial performance, and if necessary, make recommendations
  • Support the programme lead and DfE in research, deep dives or independent evaluation activities

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Kevin Williams, Independent Chair
  • Leah Mitchell, Department for Education
  • Laura Bond, Department for Education & Kate Yeung, Department for Education (Job Share)
  • Maureen Banda, Children and Young People National Lead, NHS England
  • Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of Council for Disabled Children
  • Jill Wellings, Wolverhampton Local Authority
  • Kath Bromfield, National Network of Parent Carer Forums
  • Kathrine Everett, Surrey County Council
  • Elaine Baulcombe, SEND Advisor, Department for Education
  • Clive Harris, Local Government Association
  • Jack Welch, Representing disabled young people
  • Barry Jones, Independent Consultant

Reporting to the Advisory Board

  • Martin Bull, Assistant Director / programme lead, IAS programme
  • Daisy Russell, Policy and Practice Manager, IAS programme
  • Anne Brook, Contact
  • Michele Cefai, Contact
  • Angie Fenn, Contact

Minutes of the Advisory Board