How we improve the Contact helpline


Twice a year the Contact helpline conducts a survey of parents who use the helpline and online services.

In the most recent survey taken in September 2019, we received the following results:

How satisfied where you with each of the following services?

Telephone Helpline – 98%

Email advice – 97%

Social media advice – 91%

Website – 97%

Score is sum of very satisfied and satisfied.

99% of respondents across all channels, would recommend our helpline and online services to others parents.

As a result of contacting the Contact helpline, website, live chat, parent guides or newsletter, would you agree or disagree with the following statements?

I feel better informed about how to get the support I need – 99%

I feel more confident – 95%

I feel better able to deal with stress – 72%

I feel less isolated – 79%

Score is sum of strongly agree, and agree.

Please tell us your experience of using the Contact website?

Attractiveness of design/appearance – 95%

Ease of finding information/services – 95%

Information that was clear and easy to understand – 99%

Ease of use on mobile/tablet – 91%

Score is sum of very good and good.

Maximum number of respondents to survey questions – 200.

In all responses reported we have excluded the service users that answered not applicable for each question.

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