Learning examples: IAS service improvements

This collection of short learning examples is part of a series highlighting the leadership and strategic work of IAS service managers (or service lead officers) supported and funded through the IAS programme.

For example, consulting and reviewing the local IAS service offer and devising an overall strategic direction and plan that will result in a change in culture, structure and seeking improvements over time.

The stories may be used as a guide for implementing similar methods in other IAS services, where this is appropriate and useful.

Key common themes are:

  • necessity for strong service leadership skills with sufficient time to lead
  • value of gathering feedback, capturing key data effectively and how to successfully use it e.g. strategically, service planning etc.
  • benefits of using the Minimum Standards to raise the service profile and prioritise service gaps
  • importance and advantages of longer term service planning
  • value of engaging LA commissioners, Health and Social Care professionals and the wider community
  • benefits to improving the children and young people offer and learning from others how to do it well
  • using CPD to maintain growth and improve morale of individuals employed
  • effective relationships with the Parent Carer Forum and other local community groups can help the service to develop
  • benefits of building capacity,  recruitment and training of volunteers
  • recognising the impact of issues affecting recruitment, staffing and training; addressing associated barriers/causes
  • early identification of the key elements to improve IAS service sustainability

The learning examples listed below are published with permission of the service manager in question.

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