Additional IASSN Training

Identifying and supporting children and young people with autism

This training aims to address the following objectives:

  • To understand the needs of this group of children and young people
  • To understand what is going wrong for this group of children and young people, and some of the risks and pathways that can lead to crisis and admission to institutional care
  • To equip IASS to support and advise children and young people with autism and their families appropriately
  • To ensure IASS services and others understand the range of measures that could support children and young people with autism (or autism and learning disability) who might be at risk of potential admission to mental health settings

The workshops take place in the following regions:

Manchester 15th February 2019 - Book here

London 19th February 2019 - Book here

Birmingham 21st February 2019 - Book here

Cambridge 26th February 2019 - Book here

York 28th February 2019 - Book here

Gatwick 5th March 2019 - Book here

Nottingham 8th March 2019 - Book here

Leeds 14th March 2019 - Book here

London 19th March 2019 - Book here

Taunton 22nd March 2019 - Book here

SEND & The Role of the Local Government Ombudsman

This half day workshop from the LGO will provide IASS staff with the following information:

  • How the LGO operates and what its remits are
  • Relevant data and info on how the LGO works within the SEND system.
  • Examples of LGO cases and outcomes achieved
  • Practical advice on how IASS staff can best explain LGO complaint processes to families, and how families can be best supported if they plan to make a complaint

This workshop is open to IASS staff only.

Birmingham - PM 30th of January 2019 - Book here

London - PM 6th of February 2019 - Book here

York - PM 12th of February 2019 - Book here


Early Years Support

This half day training will focus on the duties of local authorities, health agencies and early years settings. It will highlight duties that apply in particular to children under compulsory school age; it will also explore issues relating to transition into school.
Please note - This half day session is a condensed version of the early years training provided for IASS in 2017-18 through the CDC EYSEND project, so should not be attended by those who came to that. 

London - AM 14th Sep 2018 - COMPLETED

Birmingham - AM 17th Sep 2018 - COMPLETED

The Equality Act 

This half day training will provide a summary of key duties in the Equality Act with the main focus on schools’ duties. It will include some of the duties that tend to be less well known by schools, such as the Public Sector Equality Duty. The training will use a number of key Tribunal cases to highlight areas where schools have gone wrong and consider what key actions can help schools to avoid discrimination.

London - PM 14th Sep 2018 - COMPLETED

Birmingham - PM 17th Sep 2018 - COMPLETED

Please note:
  • Please check individual training info for details of lunch/refreshments.
  • This training is for IASS staff (not volunteers)
  • Full details of the training day and process can be found in the registration links above - please read this in full before completing your booking 


If you have any questions regarding these events please email us at