Menphys Ltd

Menphys is a place for children and young people with mental and physical disabilities and their families.

Families are accepted into the care of Menphys regardless of colour, race or creed and may be faced with years of caring for their disabled child. Menphys can offer a 'range of care' in an effort to support the whole family through contact, specialist nursery education and respite.

Menphys provides a range of services, some of them in partnership with Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and Rutland County Council:

Menphys supports and enhances the provision at specialist nurseries in Wigston and Burbage.
The Menphys Special Outreach Service supports children and young people aged 0 – 19 and their families.
The Buddy Scheme offers friendship and activities to children and young people whilst providing a short break for parents/carers.
Supports Saturday clubs offering a wide range of sport and leisure activities in conjunction with Menphys Sport, Play and Leisure.