£200m announced for the Social Care Innovation Programme

A total of £200m has today been confirmed for the Social Care Innovation Programme so local authorities and charities can test innovative ideas for children’s social care over the next four years.

Back in 2013, the Department for Education (DfE) launched the Social Care Innovation Programme to develop better ways of supporting vulnerable children who need help from children's services.

As part of the Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme, CDC have been working with 5 local authorities to develop and test new assessment models for disabled children in need of social care services and to improve the experience and outcomes for these children, young people and families. You can find out about the emerging learning and promising practice as a result of the programme by reading the new report.

Government today announced that £200m funding has been confirmed for the programme, meaning it will continue to work on improving and innovating social scare for the next four years.

Most of the work being done will focus on two priority areas; rethinking children’s social care, and rethinking the transition into adulthood for adolescents in the social care system.