Government respond to 'No Voice Unheard, No Right Ignored' consultation

The government have this week released their response to the 'No Voice Unheard, No Right Ignored' consultation for those with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions. 

The consultation which was launched earlier this year aimed to find out how best to support people to live independently and as part of the community. 

The proposed actions are clustered into three implementation phases, namely:

  • early actions that seek to sustain momentum generated, chiefly through the and mental health conditions use of existing powers and building on work currently underway
  • further changes, including proposed legislative changes that cannot be achieved via existing powers (and which relate principally to the Mental Health Act 1983), and
  • a third phase, which explores more radical solutions to longer-term issues, as well as ongoing monitoring and review, and a commitment that the Government will intervene further, including through legislation if necessary, if the improvements sought continue not to be realised in practice. 

The full response sets out its key findings and proposed schedule for implementing some of the recommendations. You can read the full report using the link below.