GP contract update - from NHS England and Improvement

The GP contract for 2020/2021 has been published and includes new incentives around service provision for people with a learning disability. An Investment and Impact Fund will be introduced for 2020/21. The Fund rewards Primary Care Networks for delivering objectives set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and GP contract agreement, this includes increasing the uptake of learning disability health checks. The Fund will be worth £40.5m in 2020/21, increasing to £150m in 2021/22, £225m in 2022/23 and £300m in 2023/24.

The contract also includes improvements to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). Two new QOF Quality improvement modules will be introduced in 2020/21. One module focusing specifically on improving care of people with a learning disability. The contract has been agreed and jointly published by NHS England & NHS Improvement and the British Medical Association. This agreement updates and enhances the existing five-year GP contract deal: Investment and Evolution

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