ISOS Publish Recommendations on High Needs Funding

The Department for Education has released a report looking at how SEN funding has been allocated and spent across the country.

The report was produced by Isos Partnership who were commissioned in the summer of 2014 to undertake research into SEN funding arrangements and practices. The aim of the research was to provide insights into the way funding for young people with SEN is spent and to examine the reasons for differences between spending trends in different local authorities.

The research was carried out in consultation with 13 local education areas around the UK, working with parents and carers, schools, colleges, early years settings, local authorities and health services to look at recommendations for future government spending.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of how the current SEN funding system has been working and makes a series of recommendations for improving the ways in which high-needs funding is distributed in future.​

To see the recommendations in full you can download the full report using the link below.