Social Media Week: SEND Identity Session Plan

Our group of young disabled advisers, FLARE, are taking over our social media channels to talk about identity this week.

This social media week focuses on SEND identity; being comfortable in your identity, the power of your identity and the problem with your identity being part of a label. The campaign has been co-produced by young people and features their views and direct quotes.

We want to get a discussion generated by young people on exploring their own identities so keep a look out for our tweets and share, favourite, retweet to spread their message. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #SENDidentity in your tweets.

We also want other children and young people’s groups to join our conversation. To support discussion, and to help children and young people explore what their identity means to them, we have created a session plan. This plan can be adapted to suit the needs of the children and young people you work with.

Please download the session plan to use with your group. If you want to see what FLARE and other groups said, search #SENDidentity on Twitter.