Social Media Week Session Plan: Labels

The Making Participation Work programme aims to support children and young people’s voices across a range of platforms, including social media. CDC’s own young advisory group, FLARE, have shared a range of their thoughts on labels to be shared on our Twitter feed during social media week starting 10th February and finishing 16th February.

The Council for Disabled Children would also like to include the voices of other young people in the discussion. We have prepared a session plan to help group leaders discuss these topics with young people. We hope that the collective voice of young people will bring awareness of labels, and start a conversation.

Please note down the important points your group brings up, and then tweet it to us on the week commencing 10th February, until 16th February! Please share what the young people say by including @CDC_tweets and don’t forget to include the hashtag: #IAmAllMe

Let us know if you’re taking part by emailing your Twitter handle and/or Facebook details over to us, so we can follow you and look out for what your young people have to say. If you have any questions about this session please contact Charlotte O’Halloran at

Please download the session plan to use with your group. If you want to see what FLARE and other groups said, follow @CDC_tweets and keep a look out on 10th February.