Statement on supporting medical/nursing needs in schools

Created by Marie Date 14 Nov 2019

Statement on behalf of Lorraine Mulroney (NHSE/I Senior Nurse CYP /SEND Lead)

It is good to see that you are continuing to share concerns and local ways of working around supporting medical/nursing needs in schools. Some of the postings narrative seems to have extended out to local areas via email and I am getting further queries. Whilst I am delighted that you are sharing I need to ensure that information is not shared with external parties that has not been formally agreed as this will cause further confusion in the system.

Just to make it clear NHSE and DfE have not published or agreed any new guidance (all of what is out there still remains) . We have however been working with some of you on specific cases that you needed advice on. Individual cases as you are all aware are not a blanket statement for all cases. The only possible blanket solution is joint commissioning of support into schools but we realise that this is not necessarily in your gift to implement.

Therefore I would suggest that should you be needing support around this topic or particular cases that you email myself to discuss.

This is a popular topic and I don’t want to stop you sharing solutions between you but be aware that this is related to many other pieces of work, for example-

1) RCN work with the pilot sites (they had an event in October). Trudy Ward is coming to our National SEND Workstream on 18th Nov to talk about the next steps for the Partnership for Change - special school nursing project.

2) Continuing Care framework challenges- Bridget Nichola and David Widdas (who are on our SEND workstream as DCO) will be attending discovery workshop on 5th Feb that we are having with partners and the CHC team.

3) SEND review announced on 6th Sept ongoing until April 2020.

4) High needs funding outcomes of the consultation.

Happy to speak to any of you if you need any advice.