Expert Parent Programme and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS): Workshop - Hatfield

Expert Parent Programme and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS): Workshop - Hatfield21Mar


Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 09:30 to 14:30


Ramada Hotel Hatfield St Albans Road West Hatfield AL10 9RH

The Expert Parent Programme is a project which aims to support parent carers of disabled children and young people begin to understand how health services are arranged and commissioned (paid for) and equips them with a range of practical ideas and strategies to work together with professionals to try and maximise outcomes for their disabled child or young person and the whole family.

The Council for Disabled Children has adapted the original workshop to specifically explore services provided under Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). We would like to pilot this workshop with some parents before we roll it out widely across England.

The FREE 4 hour workshop provides parents with an opportunity to explore how to get the most out of the CAMHS through a range of interactive activities and opportunities to share their knowledge within a safe and supportive learning environment. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of disabled children and young people who would like to understand more about CAMHS to enable their own understanding and to benefit their own family.
The workshop may benefit families of children and young people who are current and potential users CAMHS, or those who are awaiting assessment in CAMHS. 

Next steps
This workshop will not provide specific information on CAMHS arrangements within local areas as these vary widely but they will provide parents with practical and useful information on engaging with CAMHS and also strategies to support them while waiting on CAMHS input. 
It is hoped in the future that the workshop can be adopted by parent groups to deliver locally and adapted to reflect local arrangements.
There will be complementary online information for parents developed in addition to the resources from the original Expert Parent Programme.

A light lunch will be provided.