Early Years SEND

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Getting it right in the early years can have a transformative effect on the longer term outcomes for disabled children, and those with special educational needs, and their families. However, too often families are told by early years settings that staff don’t have the confidence to include their children. Too often, children are excluded because their learning needs have not been understood or reasonable adjustments have been forgotten.

Working with local areas across the country, CDC has developed a powerful vehicle for improving access and inclusion in your early years sector.

Our approach:
  • Brings together professionals from across health, education and social care to identify local priorities areas using CDC’s Self-Review Tool;
  • Provides recognition and celebration of good, evidence-based practice;
  • Helps you develop a strategic action plan for your local area that will drive improvements in your chosen priority areas; 
  • Uses action learning sets to provide a sharp focus on identifying areas for action at one session with follow up at the next.

Through our project to improve access and inclusion in the early years, CDC identified a number of case studies of effective practice from across England. Read more

We know this approach makes a difference, and we hope you will join us on this journey.