I am already part of this work and want to continue

I am already part of this work and want to continue

If you've already been involved in our work, we want to continue supporting you.  


I am already part of this work and want to continue

If you or your local area have already been involved in CDC’s work to improve access and inclusion in the early years, we want to continue supporting you. Our expert team has a rigorous understanding of the legal and policy frameworks allied to a practical understanding of how to make it work at a local level. It includes nationally recognised leaders in the fields of health, education, and early years.

As a local area you may been involved in Action Learning Set 1 (Spring 2017), Action Learning Set 2 (Winter 2017) or both. You can see if your area participated here.

The evaluation of our work has shown what local areas have really valued about our self-review and action learning set approach:

  • “A clear structure for discussions which enabled the right priorities to be identified”
  • “Understating what other areas have been able to achieve and what lessons we can apply our own area”
  • “The ability to make a more persuasive case to other colleagues for changes and/or investment”
  • “The confidence and impetus to sustain activity over time”

Our approach also has a demonstrable impact on the work of local areas.

If you would like to continue your work with us we can provide you with the following packages of our support:

Personalised offer of support to individual areas
  • A personalised action learning set for your local area in Spring or Summer 2018 including:

    • An analysis of your area’s progress to date;

    • A briefing on the latest developments in policy practice and law;
    • A chance to review your priorities with support from our expert staff;
    • The identification of new actions and areas for development.
  • A second action learning set in Autumn or Winter 2018 to sustain your progress;
  • Support from our expert staff in between action learning sets.

Cost: £2,500 + VAT

For more information please contact EYSEND@ncb.org.uk.

Support to clusters of areas or regions

If you are interested in participating as region or as a cluster of authorities please contact EYSEND@ncb.org.uk.