Tell me more about the approach

Tell me more about the approach

CDC has established a powerful vehicle for improving access and inclusion.


Tell me more about the approach

CDC has established a powerful vehicle for improving access and inclusion in the early years sector. First developed in the North West region, this approach has been tested, refined and implemented in over 100 local areas as part of a Department for Education grant programme.

Step 1 - Bring together professionals from across health, education and social care to identify local priorities areas using CDC’s Self-Review Tool.

CDC’s Self-Review Tool supports local areas to reflect on local policy and practice, discuss the evidence of what’s working well or not so well, and identify local priorities for action. The Tool asks areas to review their activity in the following key areas:

  • Data;
  • Identification;
  • Parental engagement:
  • Staff skills and expertise;
  • Local offer;
  • Funding arrangements;
  • Joint working.

 a table in CDC branding breaking down each element.

Screenshot of the Self-Review tool

Step 2 – celebrate and evaluate good, evidence-based practice

Our approach asks areas to reflect on good local practice and how to build on these successes. Through our work in over 100 local areas, CDC has also developed a bank of best practice case studies and we can support you to understand how to apply these in your local area.

Step 3 – develop a strategic action plan for your local area that will drive improvements in your chosen priority areas

Using the priority areas identified during the self-review, local areas develop an action plan to drive change in their areas. Some of the actions may be short term, such as setting up a meeting or disseminating information. More strategic issues may need to be incorporated into a wider local SEN and disability strategy or followed up with other colleagues.

Step 4 – come back together to assess progress and plan additional actions

This action learning set approach provides a sharp focus on identifying areas for action at one session, with follow up at the next.