I'm a healthcare professional

Health workers and practitioners play a valuable role in ensuring that services are accessible, integrated and easy to navigate.

With the renewed emphasis on creating an integrated journey of support for children, young people and their families it’s more important than ever that, as a sector, we have a clear understanding of policy and good examples of what best practice looks like.

Through our work with NHS England, the Department of Health and other public health bodies we’ve developed a number of resources, toolkits, guidance and training that we think will help you. We've pulled these resources together along with publications from across the sector which you can find in our Resources Hub. We've picked a few of the top resources we think will help you.

Useful Websites and Links

We also recommend looking at any of the following websites where you can find further advice and support.

British Academy of Childhood Disability

The BACD provides a support network for those working in district and tertiary level services and promotes communication between Child Development Team. It encourages debate and promotes research on childhood disability and works closely with voluntary organisations to advocate for disabled children and their families.


Get Your Rights

An accessible website designed specifically for disabled children and young people and those with SEN to help them understand their rights and navigate the health system.


Disability Matters

Disability Matters is a free e-learning resource for hte UK workforce. It covers topics including helth and wellbeing, behaviour and emotions, decision making, and family and society.


Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health

The RCPCH plays a major role in postgraduate medical education, professional standards, research and policy. They have about 17,000 members in the UK and across the world providing training, e-learning and support.


Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go is a transition programme developed by Southhampton Children's Hospital to help young people and their families through the transition from children's to adults' services. It includes 


Me First

Me first is an education and training resource that is designed to help healthcare professionals to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in communicating with children and young people. It does this by encouraging a child-centric mentality in staff, and by providing tools and advice to support this.