Local Action Learning Sets

What is a local Action Learning Set

In between the regional ALSs we expect local representatives to meet to progress local action plans and to draw on the growing expertise emerging from the local training programmes. We are calling these local Action Learning sets. The purpose of the local ALS is to:

  • Progress the local action plan developed at the regional ALS
  • bring together those who will need to be involved in order to progress the plan
  • share learning across your local area, making good use of settings managers and others who have received training through the Partnership programme
  • secure strategic engagement locally
  • share local learning with others across the region through the regional ALSs

Specialist support to local Action Learning Sets

One local area in each region will receive a small amount of additional specialist support to their local ALS from organisations across the Partnership. Local areas will be selected on a combination of:

  • level of need
  • priority already allocated to this aspect of SEND, eg in a local plan or strategy
  • capacity to benefit from this support
  • willingness to share the learning from this work
  • Engagement with the programme – through ALS and training

A local area could be a single local authority, or it could be a small cluster of local authorities who are able to identify a similar need, and who can work together effectively.

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