About the Information Advice and Support Programme 

The Information Advice and Support Programme is a national government initiative which commenced in June 2018 and will initially run until March 2020.

The programme seeks to ensure that in every local authority area, children and young people with SEND and their parents have access to impartial and free information, advice and support covering SEND issues – including the offer of a Helpline and online advice which is provided by Contact.

The programme is led by the Council for Disabled Children and funded by the Department for Education. The programme is being delivered through a partnership arrangement between the Information, Advice and Support Network and Contact and IPSEA as a legal training provider.

Key programme contacts are:

Information Advice and Support Programme (IASP)

Martin Bull, Assistant Director / Programme Lead  mbull@ncb.org.uk

Dan Ellitts, Contracts and Finance Manager  DEllitts@ncb.org.uk

Information Advice and Support Network (IASSN)

Daisy Russell, Practice and Policy Manager  drussell@ncb.org.uk

Tom Quilter, Senior Development Officer  tquilter@ncb.org.uk

Click here to access the IASSN website. 

National helpline (Contact) 

Angie Fenn, Helpline Manager Angie.Fenn@contact.org.uk

Click here to access the Helpline website.


For other enquires about the programme please email iasp@ncb.org.uk