Case studies of good IAS practice

The IAS programme believe that case studies are a great way to tell a story. They go beyond simple testimonials by showing real-life examples of how local IAS services were able to support service users and help them accomplish their goals. They also allow us to highlight some of the successes of the IAS programme that can go on to inform practice and hopefully help others.  

This collection of case studies is part of a series highlighting real experiences of different IAS services. They aim to give a flavour of the wide range of situations which cause problems for children, young people  and parents and then set out what happened in light of the support provided by the IAS service. Other case studies highlight the ways in which IAS programme targeted funding to IAS Services has enhanced and improved the service user experience of the local service offer.

Please feel free to make use of them in any way which helps you – and if you can, let us know how you got on by sending an email to

Click on the thematic links below to read some of our case stories so far. 

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