New CDC E-learning course: Holistic Outcomes in EHC Plans

To complete the free e-learning course please click here.

CDC is delighted to announce the launch of our Holistic Outcomes in Education, Health and Care Plans e-learning. This free, self-guided course takes all the key elements from our popular and well-received live training (currently being delivered online) and repackages it into a series of online modules, covering:

  • Aspirations
  • Outcomes from children, young people and family perspectives
  • Outcomes from professional perspectives, including writing SMART outcomes
  • Legal considerations
  • Annual reviews

The course centres on placing children, young people and family-determined aspirations and outcomes at the heart of the plan, and how the different teams and individuals involved should support the development, writing and monitoring of the outcomes. It provides an overview of how different roles intersect through the process, so it is suitable for:

  • Parent carers/ family members
  • Senior leaders
  • Service managers
  • Practitioners
  • Advice givers
  • Education settings
  • Plan writers
  • Any other professionals who would benefit from an understanding of the process

Some local areas receiving the face to face training are already planning to use the e-learning in induction processes and in-house training. Feedback from live sessions includes:

“Posed for the LA to think about the wider need for outcomes that are person centred. This made us question from which stage outcomes should be considered, what information is required, and how effective outcomes can be in supporting the growth of the YP.”

“I felt that this event was very beneficial. I did not have much insight into the EHCP as I am fairly new to school health however this session has gave me lots of knowledge to take away.”

“It has refocussed my mind on the 'golden thread' and away from the service driven outcomes which are seen too often.”

“Now I fully understand the purpose of an EHCP I will ensure my child’s is as it should be.”

We encourage local areas to spread the e-learning widely and use it as a springboard for discussions about strengths and challenges in the local area. CDC may be able to facilitate these discussions; if you would like to ask about support for your area, please contact Philippa at [email protected]

To complete the free e-learning course please click here.