Enham Trust

The Enham Trust have help disabled people to live the lives they chose, as independently as possible. 

Enham Trust is a pan disability organisation that works with close to 7,500 individuals each year throughout the South, giving them independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development. 

The Enham Trust see the possibilities - not the impossibilities. They want to make life more positive for the thousands of people they support every day. With your support, they have the power to say ‘yes’. Their work enables anyone to say "Yes, I can try that". "Yes, I can do that" or "Yes, I am in control"..

They aim to touch every aspect of the lives of people living with physical and learning disabilities. They offer a number of services for disabled people, putting the power back in to their hands. Theye ask our clients what they want and build a personal support plan to help them achieve it.

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