Extratime provides affordable, accessible childcare to families with severely disabled children.

Extratime enables parent carers to pursue training opportunities, return to or stay in employment, spend valuable time with non disabled siblings or allow them to take a much needed break from their caring responsibilities. It gives these families the chance to raise their standard of living and alleviates some of the stress caring for a disabled child has on family relationships.

All their staff and volunteers have experience in working with disabled children and play work. Extratime provide comprehensive training over and above that of ‘mainstream’ play workers including working with children with challenging behaviour, using alternative forms of communication, administration of emergency medication in the event of seizures and use of tube feeding via the nose or the stomach. High staff to children ratios ensure they can meet the needs of any child giving them a safe and fun experience.

Extratime are also continuing to develop our training, outreach and consultancy work to help other services to be more inclusive, sharing knowledge and experience. They have delivered training locally and regionally to private, statutory and third sector providers of play, childcare and leisure services.

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