Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

IPSEA provides free and independent legally based advice for parents of disabled children and children with SEN.

IPSEA advises families of disabled children and those with SEN, including behavioural problems, communication difficulties, learning disabilities and autism. IPSEA often helps families before their child has even been diagnosed. IPSEA's legally based advice gives parents the confidence to exercise their rights.

This basic understanding of the law equips families to be more involved in the decisions that affect them and helps them to avoid future issues. IPSEA helps around 3,000 families each year - thanks to our dedicated volunteers and supporters.

PSEA gives advice and support on:

  • Local Authorities’ legal duties to assess and provide for children with special educational needs
  • Exclusions of children with special needs/disabilities
  • Action/inaction by Local Authorities and/or schools which discriminate against disabled children and young people.

IPSEA's services are provided by our highly trained volunteers. Many of the volunteers are parents of children with special educational needs. 

We seek to improve SEN policy across England using the evidence gathered via our services. They make complaints against Local Authorities, take part in Government consultations and provide training on SEN/disability law.

IPSEA also provides training on the SEN legal framework to parents, professionals and other organisations.

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